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David McAvoy, Local Jonesboro Advocate, Launches State House Bid to Unseat Incumbent Jack Ladyman

On Tuesday, local Jonesboro advocate and lifelong Natural State resident David McAvoy launched his campaign for Arkansas House of Representatives for District 32. This Jonesboro-based State House seat is widely recognized as one of the most competitive districts in the Arkansas Delta. Since 2015, Republican Jack Ladyman has represented this Jonesboro district.

McAvoy plans to focus his campaign on protecting our public schools, fixing our broken economy, and fighting corruption in the state government.

“We can build a brighter future for Arkansas workers, families, and students. This campaign will be focused on the issues that matter: protecting our public schools, fixing our broken economy, and fighting corruption in government. Together, we can bring hope back to Arkansas,” said candidate David McAvoy.

Ladyman’s support for deeply unpopular and destructive legislation such as Arkansas LEARNS throughout his five terms in office ensure this race will be decided by just a handful of voters.

“I don’t think it’s any secret that things are rough right now in Arkansas.” Our public schools, which I owe a lot to, are under attack. The people that are supposed to be working for ordinary folks, like my family and the people I grew up with, are instead working for the people that can buy their influence, and regular people are hurting as a result,” said McAvoy.

“Lawmakers should be public servants. But instead of working for us, legislators like Jack Ladyman have decided to attack our public schools, make our government and economy work only for the wealthy few, and attack our democracy. They have chosen to target anyone they think they can get away with hurting. Jonesboro needs a new State Representative.”

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