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David McAvoy Featured in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette

Democrat David McAvoy has announced a bid for the state House of Representatives, running for the District 32 seat in Jonesboro.

McAvoy, 36, said he plans to challenge incumbent Republican Jack Ladyman. In a news release Tuesday announcing his candidacy, he said he would support public schools and taking on corruption in state government.

"We can build a brighter future for Arkansas workers, families and students," McAvoy said. "This campaign will be focused on the issues that matter: protecting our public schools, fixing our broken economy and fighting corruption in our government. Together, we can bring hope back to Arkansas."

"I don't think it's any secret that things are rough right now in Arkansas," McAvoy said in a news release. "Our public schools, which I owe a lot to, are under attack. The people that are supposed to be working for ordinary folks, like my family and the people I grew up with, are instead working for the people that can buy their influence, and regular people are hurting as a result."


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