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Now though, people in power are chipping away at all the progress they made and taking our state backwards as people they enrich themselves and their contributors. Meanwhile, ordinary Arkansans suffer the brunt of their bad decisions.
I’ve never stayed silent when what was right was on the line. That’s why I can’t sit on the sidelines now.
Arkansans, like all Americans, have the right to a democracy with freedom to make choices and have our voices heard.  We don’t have to live under the thumb of a corrupt, one-party state. We have every right to expect more and better out of our state government than what we’re getting.  And here in Jonesboro, our diverse and growing city, we need a representative who will work for everyone here, regardless of any differences we might have, and bring home the resources our city needs to thrive.

Bring Hope Back to Arkansas


As Arkansans, we know something about hard times.  Most of us have lived through them, and our state was built by generations of people who struggled just to survive.

Those same people, our parents and grandparents, got through those times by being there for one another as family and community, and they worked hard to make sure this state would be better for those of us who would come after.

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Protect Our Public Schools

Kids in Arkansas deserve the same shot I got at an education, but they won’t have it if our legislators destroy our public schools.   The governor’s disastrous education plan (the so-called “LEARNS Act”) will dismantle so much of what schools in Jonesboro have built and will defund our public education system. Like many of you, I owe so much to public schools  – I graduated from them, my grandmother was a school teacher and so is my spouse. 
As your State Representative, I will fight for our public schools, for our teachers, for our kids, and our future against those who would defund and close our schools for profit.
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Build an Economy That Works for All Arkansans

Arkansans deserve a fair economy, one that doesn’t trap people in low wages and poverty but instead makes it possible to live the American Dream. Lawmakers in Little Rock seem hellbent on preventing regular people from thriving economically. They keep Arkansas a low wage state, give tax giveaways and corporate welfare to the wealthy while making regular folks pay regressive taxes and do without economic protections, and refuse to invest in our people and our state’s future. Simply put, we can do better than what legislators like Jack Ladyman have offered us. 
As your State Representative, I will fight for higher wages for working Arkansans, call for rich folks to pull their weight in paying for the things we all need and stop passing the cost on to the rest of us, and make sure there are economic protections in place for regular folks who need them.
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Fight Corruption in Government

Corruption is a major problem in our government.  It’s become routine, and it’s getting worse.  Lobbyists and folks who can cut bigger checks than the average Arkansan will ever be able to work the system and politicians focus on keeping them happy so they can stay in power and enjoy the perks of office.  As a result, the rest of us suffer from the bad decisions of corrupted government.  It’s a far cry from the original vision of what our democracy was supposed to be.
Since 2019, I’ve been fighting that kind of corruption as wealthy interest groups pushed state legislators to attack the constitutional right of Arkansans to gather signatures and put issues we care about on the ballot to vote on.  In the legislature, I will keep fighting for the public interest and work to clean up our government with badly needed ethics, lobbying, and campaign finance reform to make sure our government works for everyone in Arkansas like it should.
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